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one more time with feeling - -The second volume of an Amiable young villian with a cocky sidelong grin- [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
smart went crazy

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one more time with feeling [Mar. 21st, 2011|08:29 pm]
smart went crazy
I don't have much of an idea what to write, I just like I should.

I'm in the process of starting back work again at Home Depot. I wasn't planning on doing this, but since I'm planning on moving to Austin in June or July it seemed like a good idea. I will be able to transfer stores while I try and get a county job. Either way it's not a huge deal though, I'll be focusing on studying for my LSAT most of the time that I'm not working. People just look down upon squatting so much these days, I figured I'd need income for an apartment. Anyone looking for a roommate?

I'm so burnt out on school and cannot wait for May to roll around. I've got a ton of shit to do, but I am just so listless and lazy lately. Well mostly I just need to fix up my resume and finish my graduation announcements, nothing really too tough. I also got Pokemon White, which is really distracting.

My mom got married a couple of weeks ago. My sister and I drove out to Phoenix for the wedding, it was a long drive. I wish we could have spent more time in Phx. I hadn't seen my Mom in a year or two so I would have definitely liked to spend more time with her. I def got to spend some much needed time with the sis though, so that was pretty rad.

It's always apparent, but I often try to ignore the fact that I don't have my friends. I know a lot of people, but no one ever tends to really want to hang out with me. I don't understand why this is, I think I'm a pretty nice guy, and my close friends don't see a problem with me. I'd like to hang out with more people and make more friends, but I get shot down every time I ask someone to do something...so I dunno! I've always been bad at maintaining friendships, which I'd def like to work on, but I can't if no one will hang out haha.